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Title 300 Year Weekend , The
Originaltitle: 300 Year Weekend, The
Regie: Victor Stoloff
Darsteller: Michael Tolan, Sharon Laughlin, Roy Cooper, Gabriel Dell
Erscheinungsjahr: 1971
Land: USA
Stichwort: Epilepsie, Psychose, Psychotherapie
Release: 00.00.0000

Eine Therapiegruppe durchlebt eine 24-Stunden-Gesprächstherapie, die als 300-Jahr-Wochend bezeichnet wird. Unter den Patienten befindet sich Nancy, die Partnerin des leitenden Therapeuten Dr. Marshall. Dieser wird mehr und mehr zum Mitglied der Patientengruppe.

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The techniques of talk-it-out psychotherapy have changed slowly but significantly since Sigmund Freud first stretched patients out on a couch. The Freudian "50-Minute Hour," originally restricted to patient and analyst, has led to two-hour sessions of group therapy in which half a dozen or so patients, all with similar symptoms, get together with the same therapist. Now Los Angeles' Dr. George R. Bach, 51, a Latvian-born Ph.D. psychologist, has pushed the trend —both in time and numbers—about as far as it can reasonably go. He has enlarged the cast to a dozen or more "participants," and he keeps the group session going, marathon style, for 30 to 48 hours in what he calls "300-year weekends." No one is allowed to leave the room except for bathroom needs or to get food and coffee from the dining-room buffet; the only sleep consists of naps taken in a corner. Time, Friday, Jul. 09, 196

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