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Title Blink - Tödliche Augenblicke
Originaltitle: Blink
Regie: Michael Apted
Darsteller: Madeleine Stowe, Aidan Quinn, James Remar
Erscheinungsjahr: 1994
Land: USA
Stichwort: Behindertenfilm, blind, Delirium, Gedächtnisverlust
Release: 26.01.1994

Die seit ihrer Kindheit blinde Emma Brody kann nach einer Augenoperation wieder (unsicher) sehen. Besonders verwirrend ist, dass sie Ereignisse nicht in dem Moment sieht, in dem sie geschehen sondern vergangene, die ihr Gehirn gespeichert hat. Die Polizei glaubt ihr nicht, als sie berichtet, den Mörder ihrer Nachbarin gesehen zu haben, die tags zuvor getöt wurde. Die Ausnahme ist ein Detektiv, der sich in sie verliebt.

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Malcolm Gladwell, Blink. Back Bay Books, 2005, ISBN ISBN 0-316-17232-4 & ISBN 0-316-01066-9 (paperback edition); deutsch: "Blink - Die Macht des Moments"

"The author describes the main subject of his book as "thin-slicing": our ability to gauge what is really important from a very narrow period of experience. In other words, this is an idea that spontaneous decisions are often as good as—or even better than—carefully planned and considered ones. Gladwell draws on examples from science, advertising, sales, medicine, and popular music to reinforce his ideas. Gladwell also uses many examples of regular people's experiences with "thin-slicing." (Wikipedia)

"Blink" Momente, in denen wir blitzartige Entscheidungen fällen (aus der Intuition heraus)

Director Michael Apted (COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER and GORILLAS IN THE MIST) has always been concerned about creating stronger, more complicated female characters in mainstream films, and with BLINK he has succeeded. In more than 200 films with blind characters, blind men have danced, taken photographs, and performed rescues, while blind women have usually been terrified, hapless victims; Emma, as played by Stowe, breaks with that tradition. In her first major role after LAST OF THE MOHICANS, Stowe bristles as an independent woman who has long taken care of herself and doesn't want to be protected by the police.

One of those iffy medical thrillers, about the aftereffects of corneal transplants on a blind musician (Madeleine Stowe). Doctors tell her that until the transplant fully takes she'll only be seeing shadowy images--and even then, she'll see things that will take a while to register on her brain.

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