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Title Clocking off. Maya's story
Originaltitle: Clocking off. Maya's story
Regie: Brian Grant
Erscheinungsjahr: 2003
Land: UK
Stichwort: Epilepsie, epileptischer Anfall
Release: 00.00.0000

Nach einem durch Maya verursachten Autounfall hat Kev einen epileptischen Anfall. Danach darf er weder Fahren noch eine Maschine bedienen. Maya fühlt sich schuldig und verstrickt sich in Kev's Depressionen, für den sie zu einer Obsession wird.

Weitere Info
Serie 4 (16.3.2003)
When Maya accidentally hits Kev with her car, he finds himself suffering from epileptic fits, and is no longer able to drive or operate machinery. Maya, stricken with guilt, finds herself drawn into Kev's downward spiral. https://www.onlinetvrecorder.com

"Clocking Off is a patchwork of colourful stories. In each stand-alone episode, one character comes to the fore, while others fade into the background. Their jobs may be mundane but their private lives are filled with incident. Loveless marriages, disappearing husbands, bungled arson attempts, infidelity, gang harassment and plastic surgery all fuel the rumour machines at the factory." http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/clockingoff/

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