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Titel Butterfly
Originaltitel: Butterfly
Genre: Problemfilm
Directed: Alex J. Withers
Besetzung: Louise Salter, Rupert Procter, Maisie Barlow
Kommentar: 20 min - Short | Drama noch nicht in den Kinos Jane, a 16 year-old competitive swimmer, struggles against the epilepsy that has returned to haunt her life. When the condition puts her swimming career on hold and her quality of life under threat, she must decide just where her priorities lie...before it's too late. In the face of a vital swimming competition and under pressure from her father to focus on her education, Jane is left with the toughest choice of all: leave competitive swimming behind or risk her life in an attempt to follow her dreams. http://alexjwithers.com/films/4584433677 Kontakt: http://alexjwithers.com/contact/4584433984 "The idea for Butterfly came from Alex's long-held desire to tell the story of a young girl dealing with epilepsy as she grows up and finds her feet among the many daunting choices life brings. The condition is not widely portrayed in the film world and it is hoped that this story can shed a small light on what it means to suffer from epilepsy. As swimming is a sport requiring great determination and one in which losing consciousness or lucidity means a life-threatening situation, it emerged naturally as the ideal backdrop for Butterfly, bringing with it both the wonder and fear that the water can inspire. The story’s universal appeal is something that hopefully makes it not only memorable, but relatable and one of the main aims of the film is to raise awareness of epilepsy as a condition." http://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/british-filmmaker-using-crowdfunding-to-bring-short-film-about-swimming-to-life/ https://www.facebook.com/shortfilmbutterfly http://www.shortfilmbutterfly.com/#6
Jahr: 2014
Veröffentlicht: 00.00.0000
Land: UK

Die 16jährige Jane ist eine begeisterte und vielversprechende Wettkampfschwimmerin. Sie muss mit plötzlich auftretenden epileptischen Anfällen fertig werden. Bei einem entscheidenden Wettkampf gerät sie unter starken Druck. Soll sie nun das Schwimmen aufgeben oder für ihren Traum ihr Leben riskieren?

Epilepsiespielfilm, Expertenzuordnung, EpilepsieprotagonistIn, Ob Anfall ungeklärt, Hauptrolle

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